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Oneco Center is defined with value boutiques and shopper favorites, indoor and outdoor dining, and unique architecture.An iconic location Farmers Market, Oneco Town Center is always evolving, offering something new to customers, locals and community residents.

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Louis Granteed with Tobin Properties, Inc. is our leasing agent.Should you be interested in leasing one of our units feel free to contact the center's owner Sharon Sharaby at 954-394-6615.
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The city of Bradenton has a population of 56,928 residents.You would be leasing in a prestigious center where many well-known national tenants are located.The center has a diversified tenant roster: grocery, hairdressing, event hall, finance, home furnishings, and restaurants.
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Units' square feet range from 750 to 42,518.

Currently, we are at 100% occupancy, therefore there are no spaces available at this time.

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