Open 7 Days A Week

Oneco farmers market

Every day,  Oneco Shopping Center’s Farmers Market hosts South west Florida’s favorite farm-fresh produce, artists, artisan vendors, & crafters.

We are located at north west intersection – SR 70 & 301 blvd E, Bradenton, FL. This location, easily visible from SR 70, provides easy access to our thousands of shoppers, with parking available adjacent to the Market site.

Vendors have a great variety from infused vinegars, protein bars, local raw honey, to arts, crafts and bath & body.

We’ll be adding a few new vendors each month for your enjoyment!

Oneco Farmers Market Drive In Movie 

The 1st Saturday night of every month starting in October Oneco Farmers Market in conjunction with Oneco Shopping Center is bring you a free family friendly movie. Grab your kids, grab your friends, grab your grandma, just grab somebody and come see a movie. For FREE!

Did you know…
Among the benefits for communities with farmers’ markets:

Farmers’ markets help maintain important social ties,
linking rural and urban populations and even close neighbors in mutually rewarding exchange.

market traffic generates traffic for nearby businesses

buying at markets encourages attention to the surrounding area and ongoing activities
by providing outlets for ‘local’ products

farmers’ markets help create distinction and uniqueness, which can increase pride and encourage visitors to return.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. ”

Arthur C. Clarke • Quote of the Day

“Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.”

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